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    Know Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him

    المدير العام

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    Know Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him

    مُساهمة  المدير العام في الأحد ديسمبر 13 2009, 18:07

    Peace be upon you and Allah's
    mercy and blessings
    Today Jaybp your topic and I hope
    Ijbkm responses sweet Delirious's my first objective is to
    Know Prophet Mohammad peace be
    upon him
    Name: Mohammed bin Abdullah bin
    Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim Ibn Manaf ibn Qusai Bin Bin dogs once the nation Amna
    Bint Wahab bin Abdul Manaf bin Zahra bin dogs son time
    Campaign: it's safe say what I
    felt I carried no weight and found him and find women only, I have denied
    lifting Menstrual
    Generator: Born Allah peace be
    upon him on Monday, 10 of the spring was the arrival of the first owners of the
    elephant, was told Monday night, the twelfth in the spring of the first

    His names: Mohammed, Ahmed,
    Eraser (erase the kufr) and Alheshr (people will Balhacr) and Aqub (last of the
    Prophets), and the Prophet of mercy, and the Prophet of repentance, and the
    Prophet of epics (wars), and ÇáãÞÝí (ie Aqub) and the witness, and a preacher,
    and the forerunner, Aldhok and fighting, Mutawakkil, The Conqueror, the Secretary, and
    the ring, and Mustafa, the Apostle, the Prophet, and illiterate, and Alqtm
    (generous for good).
    Attributes: The Messenger of
    Allah Rbaples QUSAIR not long ago and not Baladm not very white, a man of poetry
    is not Balbst not Ja'd hair hits his shoulders. Anas said: What the yen touched
    the silk palm Messenger of Allah, a great mouth-eyed, rounded white tends to
    facial redness, very dark eyes, fingers thicken
    broad forehead. coarse beard, easy cheeks the chest, I feel the arms and
    shoulders, long Alzendin
    His children: the first born, and
    Zainab Kassim, and paper and then Fatima and Umm Kulthum was born in Islam and
    their mother Jmiekhaddijp Abdullah and the first one who died from his son Qasim
    and Abdullah. Livelihoods as Ibrahim from Maria the Coptic but he died at the
    age of sixteen months.
    miracles: the Koran Flowers whining trunk Tfjier water from between his fingers
    a few things unseen news delivered stone and trees by the news of some future
    issue split the moon for the treatment of diseases companions Bdaipomshp Beida
    to respond to his prayer angels fighting glaze multiplication of food and drink

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