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    Are human beings the Bible Muhammad peace be upon him

    المدير العام

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    تاريخ التسجيل : 09/12/2009
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    Are human beings the Bible Muhammad peace be upon him

    مُساهمة  المدير العام في الأحد ديسمبر 13 2009, 18:15

    In 63 BC occurred Jerusalem and
    Palestine, however, the pagan Romans to start again from the persecution
    suffered by the other children of Israel, the children of Israel who were
    waiting for them sincerely a great king is lost and present endeavors for the
    long-Hvhm it.
    I tell them what they knew Jacob,
    Moses, David and other prophets, the Prophet knew the arrival of the victorious
    king who leads his followers to Ezz world and the Hereafter happiness, so sent
    to Christ's great and saw what God gave him of the miracles attached, many of
    whom the person of Christ is the hope that they will be victorious great
    prophet, Prophet Redeemer, and this is
    seen clearly that tracks the words of contemporaries of Christ from the Jews.

    And to convey to us the
    Scriptures stories of some of those who were waiting for the king Mozaffar
    expected, from those described by Simon Luke: «The man in Jerusalem named
    Simeon, and this man was righteous and devout, waiting consolation of Israel,
    and the Holy Spirit was upon him» Luke 2 / 25, this Vsamaan Sun Montazeri salvation.

    Including Nathanael which Christ
    of his own and frankly he thinks «Nathanael answered and said to him: Rabbi, you
    are the Son of God? You are the king of Israel?
    Jesus answered and said to him:
    Do you believe because I told you .. »John 1/49-50.
    As rumored that Christ was
    crucified, some sadness to leave the desired salvation in the person of Christ,
    as Christ was after the resurrection of pupils is disguised «He said to them:
    What is this talk of him and you both Taattarhan Mashiyan sombre, he answered
    one of them - whose name was Cleopas - and said to him: Are you living abroad
    and alone in Jerusalem did not learn the
    things that have occurred at these days, he said to them: what are they?
    They said: Concerning Jesus of
    Nazareth was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people,
    how do you hand it the chief priests and rulers to eliminate death and crucified
    him, and we were please that it is intended to redeem Israel, but with all this
    today is three days since it happened »Luke 24/17-21. They were waiting for salvation
    in his hands, as had been promised the arrival of the biblical texts victorious
    king who will save his people and lead them to victory over United, if they hear
    him and crucified.
    The students told him after the
    Resurrection: «O Lord, you are at this time the King to Israel? He said to them: not for you to
    know the times and times that make it the Father in his power »of 1/6-7.
    In other words, this is not the
    time of King expected.
    Simon Awad says: «The Almtvhchin
    the relationship of the apostles and disciples of Christ find that they did not
    consider him only as a human being ... They were waiting for the Messiah, the
    Messiah, but for their ideas, which inherited from their ancestors is not only
    an excellent messenger comes from God».
    This has been thought that the
    people of Israel - eager for the emergence of the great prophet Muzaffar - that
    John the Baptist was the Messiah «The people were waiting, and everyone is
    thinking in their hearts about John, in the hope of Christ» Luke 3 / 15.

    The crowd lurking for salvation
    when she saw what Christ said when they said before about John the Baptist «They
    told the women: We do not believe yet because of your words, because we have
    heard and know that this is truly the Christ, Savior of the world» John 4 / 42.

    Andrawes and said to his brother
    Simon: «We have found the Messiah, which means Christ» John 1 / 41.

    And the Samaritan woman by what
    she Oaajiph «women said to him: I know that the Messiah who is called Christ,
    come, when He tells us that everything» John 4/25-30.
    The news spread around the Bani
    Israel, even the high priests feared the wrath of the Romans knew that the
    Messiah has appeared the great victorious in the person of Jesus, so they rushed
    to catch him, accusing him of corrupting the nation, and the claim that the
    messiah, «he gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a compound, and said:
    What make the work of this man many
    verses, if we leave it so everyone believes it, it comes Romanians and take our
    position and our nation?
    Said to them, and one of them,
    Caiaphas, was president of the priests in that year: you dont know something, do
    not you think, it is better to have one man die for the people, and the whole
    nation perish »John 11/47-50. They said to Pilate: «We found
    this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar,
    saying: It is Christ, a king, Pilate asked him, saying: You are the king of the
    Jews? He
    answered and said: "You say, said Pilate to the chief priests and the crowd:" I
    do not find a bug in this man »Luke 23/2-4, it has proven to Pilate, which
    accused him of his innocence, as it was not claimed that he was king of the Jews

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