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    Who is Muhammad?

    المدير العام

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    Who is Muhammad?

    مُساهمة  المدير العام في الأحد ديسمبر 13 2009, 18:27

    In the name of God, praise God,
    prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of God peace be upon him

    Muhammad peace be upon him the
    person who came in more than 1400 years ago said he is revealed to him by the
    gods of the sky inspiration message from God and that responsible for the
    dissemination of this letter in the entire world does not do time or place of
    sex Cologne Oockl claiming that this is the last letter messages heaven to earth and that the seal
    of the apostles and prophets, there is no Messenger nor Prophet after him, peace
    be upon him, who is the Oahu Alorahpy moving image, which the newspapers, or
    organized military is the man triumphed in the most delicious wars against his
    enemies. Some books that talked about
    Muhammad peace be upon him talked about people in the past 25 years only the
    beginning of the publication of that call changed the face of the whole earth
    and spread the call in a place where all the talk about the political and
    military genius, while others spoke of the combat or jihadist in his life
    published to call or to defend them, and
    most Ogvt a very important aspect of his life his father and brother as a human
    being and a husband, and Muslims consider that what was stated by Muhammad peace
    be upon him in the following aspects Almxat or transactions is also not from him
    but to suggest to him, so we focused on the Show this the hidden side of not remembered
    or less from the life of Muhammad peace be upon him, Vmamed peace be upon him
    for the call of his people did not fight in the first command, but patience is
    the scourge of his friends too, and during this scourge, who raised his
    companions on the ethics and transactions made them then they are kings of the
    land want it.

    And invited us to collect this
    article from the life of Muhammad is raised in recent times for peace be upon
    him, but let's be neutral if you want to judge a person you
    - is to be heard personally
    2 - and compares the idea on the
    logic that preposterous
    3 - If she decides to do see the
    logic, the matching was done for his
    4 - what you need to believe, and
    this is approved Mohammad peace be upon him where he said that "the mind the
    focus of the mandate," So those who do not mind him not accountable.

    These four logical steps will be
    used for sentence, all you have to read the start in the following few pages and
    you are fairly neutral in your verdict. And they will ultimately answer
    these questions for yourself puzzling:

    Was Muhammad really a terrorist?
    - Is the Messenger as it was
    called revelation?
    Is Islam a religion right?

    that they can Tqra Mohammad peace be upon him and say that we have to speak a
    common language so we have made this chapter to list some basic definitions and
    meanings of our subject such as religion and God and the Prophet and Islam,
    which is very important so that they can understand the intended book.

    Chapter II: from the words of
    Muhammad peace be upon him and his actions

    Voordna where several sections
    talk about Muhammad peace be upon him in different situations of his life in a
    very simplified one section is divided into two parts, first part of the
    chapter, entitled the sayings of Muhammad peace be upon him and the second part,
    what did the name Mohammed peace be upon him, so that you hear it
    is personally and compare his words to do, peace be upon him. Although we may add some comment
    to a simple focus on the evidence to speak or to explain some of the

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