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    Who is a Muslim?

    المدير العام

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    تاريخ التسجيل : 09/12/2009
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    Who is a Muslim?

    مُساهمة  المدير العام في الأحد ديسمبر 13 2009, 18:31

    Who is a Muslim? The word "Islam
    and the legitimate linguistic sense, is to guide us to identify words Muslim, so
    when we talk about a Muslim, we are not talking about encroachment and printed,
    but talking about the nature of being, and this character is the Islamic
    character, and this lead us to talk about Islam.
    Because the Islamic personality
    may be made as complete as in the Messenger of God peace be upon him, the logic
    lead us to take the form assumed in the Muslim personality. , So if I got to know Muhammad
    peace be upon him to identified who is a Muslim and how to act in different
    positions, and this is one of the purposes of this book to identify Muhammad
    peace be upon him Vtaataraf Muslim.
    The Muslim language ((is faithful
    to God in worship, saying the peace thing for a person found, Islam means
    devotion of religion and belief to God))
    In the previous definition, this
    word (Islam) does not refer to
    1 - a specific person such as
    Buddhism, which refers to the Buddha and Alzradchip which refers to the Zradech.

    2 - nor to particular people also
    refer to the Jewish people itself.
    3 - nor to the particular region
    or country also indicate Christianity.
    4 - not to the time bounded.

    This word has put us in a global
    atmosphere absolute, unlimited mission of Muhammad peace be upon him, it is the
    former definition is all the prophets of the Muslims, a fact recognized by the
    Qur'an in more than one position, Moses peace be upon the Messenger of Muslims
    to the Jews, as well as other prophets and messengers.

    But they are currently
    represented in Muhammad peace be upon him?
    So we answer to this question you
    need to compare the periods from the date an outbreak of the companions of
    Muhammad peace be upon him in the whole world and reigned most and this fact is
    undisputed and the current period as the associate to the ummah of Muhammad
    peace be upon him many, but they humiliated the people of the earth and is
    by the people of the current
    period is after them full on the life of Muhammad peace be upon him and his
    approach, he ordered Muhammad peace be upon him not lying, bribery, adultery,
    theft and of justice and injustice, compassion and ensuring that orphans and
    honoring the guest, all you have to cross this booklet to see the transit of the
    sayings of Muhammad peace be upon him and what he
    did, and make sure that most Muslims today are Aitbon Muhammad to name.

    What is the concept of the
    Prophet of the Muslims?
    Prophet in the language of the
    Arabs description of the report, the news would be useful because of its
    important, or is it a prophecy of greatness and honor a God inspired him alive,
    the Ptlegp is a prophet, the Messenger of every prophet, every prophet and
    messenger (Revelation Mohammadi 10), Vmamed when Muslims is Prophet
    and Messenger of God cost of God in order to communicate the message of Islam to
    be the last messages of the sky to the ground and Horahmp, savings which Allaah
    to His slaves in the last decade.

    Do Muslims are evil?

    Mohammad peace be upon him
    ((smiling at your brother is charity)), and told us that a man entered Paradise
    because he cut a tree blocking the road Is such behavior come from evil people
    want to hurt, but it was a special mercy for the believers and the public of all
    humanity, or rather to the whole world He also decided the Koran ((We
    sent thee mercy to the worlds)), and just so much here as it Baqrop the rest of
    the topics you would be able to answer yourself this question.

    Do Muslims accept others?
    For the holding of the Messenger
    of Allah peace be upon him treaties with the Jews and Christians engaged in a
    dialogue, a fact endorsed by the Quranic verse ((and argue with the way that is
    best)), what will be argued without the interview and debate as to select the
    way God Almighty Vhdha argue that is better, there is no injustice .
    Auctions also held with the Jews
    and evidence for this is that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him died his
    shield was subject to a Jew, but this Bharitp not be waging war on Muslims,
    fought them or bring them out of their homes or helped their war or removed from
    their homes was really on Muslims to fight him by
    all legitimate means and methods of warfare is strange that they have a very
    strange law Iqltoa not constrained by an old man and child in Buraydah and
    Aihrkoa beta or cut tree, but punished Muhammad peace be upon him some of his
    friends, God bless them for having dared to infringe on these rights, but more
    than that have said Muhammad peace be upon him
    ((dhimmi of throwing an end to the Day of Resurrection whips of fire)) I said to
    what is most Makhoul said his spokesman, said to him, Muslim son Tabaraani and
    when Mohamed Al Ikashi a bunker left - Majma

    they thought Muslims Muhammad peace be upon him to have dealt with non-Muslims
    as is the deal with peace be upon him.

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